National finals in four languages beckon for IES students

National finals in four languages beckon for IES students

Study and grit led to success - says one of 18 IES students in the national finals of a prestigious language contest.

The finals of language contest IlCompetition will feature nine teams from five IES schools, competing in Spanish, French, German and English.

Students from IES Lund will compete in the national final for each of these four languages, and if they are to win they will need to outperform teams from six others schools. 

The four teams from Lund will face tough opposition, including IES students from other schools. IES Liljeholmen are also in the final for Spanish, IES Umeå for German, and IES Hässleholm for English, while IES Sundsvall have a place in the national final for both French and English.

IlCompetition is a language and culture contest which aims to enhance students' knowledge of modern foriegn languages. Around 27,000 students throughout Sweden entered the competition.

In order to reach the final, each team needed first to qualify, and then win one of the seven regional finals held around Sweden. 

Amanda and Norah were the two students who made up the German team from IES Lund.

Amanda (pictured above, left, with Norah, right) said: “I actually have a really hard time with languages overall, but with this competition I have learnt so much. I have been blessed because I now know how the grammar in German works. I am so happy because that is a big part of the language.

“I am really competitive and I have a lot of grit and I told myself I am going to learn this, and by the end of IES I will have a B in German. I have studied so hard.”

“My family were shocked when I told them we won the regional final, my dad opened his mouth and he couldn't say a word. My mother just hugged me.’”

Amanda’s German teacher Cecilia Diurlin Steen said: “Amanda has developed a lot during this past semester, the work of all those years has sunk in now.  It has been implemented in her, so she understands the whole system of the language.

“When we won in German we were so happy, and that put some pressure on the other teams from IES Lund, and then they won as well.  We are very happy.”

L-R: Felicia and Estrid, French finalists from IES Sundsvall, celebrating their victory in the regional final

Estrid and Felicia make up the French team for IES Sundsvall.

Estrid said: “I wasn’t surprised when we heard we had won, instead the shock came as as soon as the competition started. We were getting a lot right and the questions were easier than we thought.  We were fist-bumping under the table each time we got a question right, so I was prepared for the fact we might win.”

“I definitely think the competition has given me more motivation. Getting tested this way and finding out you are good at a language is really motivational,  I wasn't sure if I was this good at French, but now I am more motivated.”

The national finals will be held by Zoom on the 18th and 19th of May and we would like to wish all the IES students taking part buena suerte, bonne chance, viel glück and good luck.