Nyheter | 2022 juni 03

Hard work brings out the desire to read

Swedish teachers, Anna Ahlcrona and Hanna Engström at IES Krokslätt, have made a tremendous impact on the students' reading skills through a holistic approach to learning.


It started when they discovered that half of the students in year 4 had very low reading comprehension. They made a decision to rethink the whole year plan to be able to focus more on reading. Through a lot of book discussions, reading aloud and various exercises every day, they managed to make the students excited about reading. It has actually created a culture where students spend their breaks reading a book or discussing books with their friends.

– We have made it fun by including literature in all teaching, for example in different writing projects, Hanna explains. And we always pay attention to what kind of books the students like, and we make sure they can find them in our library.

Here is a recent article if you want to know more about how they did it!