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Internationella Engelska Skolan publish grades statistics

Internationella Engelska Skolan has today published the preliminary grade statistics for our compulsory schools year 9 students for 2019/2020.

High academic expectations is one of Internationella Engelska Skolan’s three main convictions, and we are proud of the work that our teachers and students accomplish during the year. We work with a comprehensive systematic quality model to ensure that we set fair and accurate grades and take a firm stance to counter grade inflation.

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Rewarded for grit

Rewarded for grit

For their extraordinary grit, courage and determination three students at IES have each received a scholarship from “Stipendiefonden till Ellinor Carlssons minne”. The trust was ordained in 2015 in honour of the memory of Ellinor Carlsson, a student at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm who never gave up and took her final exams despite her diagnosis of Sarcoma, which would eventually take her life.

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Graduation 2020

Graduation 2020

As the class of 2020 graduated, more than 4,000 IES students throughout Sweden have been awarded their school diplomas. This is normally a crowded event involving hugs and hats thrown in the air in front of friends and family. 

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Welcome From The Founder

To speak English "well" is not enough in today's world, writes Ms Barbara Bergström, the American science teacher who founded the English School in 1993.

Young Swedes should acquire a total inner security when speaking English. Our schools offer the best environment for achieving this. An important part of our success is that we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning. Schools should have a calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

These founding ideas have laid a solid ground for success. Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level ("Grundskolan") in Sweden. Some 28 000 students attend our 39 schools around the country.

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We recruit the best teachers from around the world.

Our schools are places where teachers can teach and students can learn.  This is possible  because of the strong emphasis Internationella Engelska Skolan places on creating a safe and calm environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. That environment helps everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

All of our staff pull together to create the best learning environment through the school so that rather than using time and energy to establish the preconditions for learning, our teachers are able to step into the classroom knowing that their lessons will start on time and then run smoothly and without disruption.

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