Where teachers can teach and students learn.
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    Command of English

    Children should learn to command the English language, not just know it, at an early age.

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    Safe and Orderly Environment

    Order, structure and safety are necessary prerequisites for learning.

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    High Academic Expectations

    Our conviction is that every child can achieve success irrespective of social background.

IES News

Internationella Engelska Skolan in Discussions With Kungsbacka Municipality

Kungsbacka Municipality has announced that it would welcome Internationella Engelska Skolan to open a new school for between 600 and 960 students from August 2021.

Jörgen Stenquist, Vice CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “We have had very positive discussions with Kungsbacka Municipality and are delighted by the enthusiastic welcome that we have received from politicians, families and the local business community.

Barbara Bergström svarar på SvD artikelserie

(The following text is presented in Swedish as it is a response which has been formulated in Swedish to reporting in the Swedish press.)

Svenska Dagbladet har under den senaste veckan publicerat en serie artiklar av sin skolreporter Karin Thurfjell riktade mot Internationella Engelska Skolan. Artiklarna har byggt på vanliga, dåligt underbyggda, påståenden om friskolor i allmänhet och Internationella Engelska Skolan i synnerhet. I ett svar till tidningen bemöter Barbara Bergström, skolans grundare, kritiken. Hon påminner också om det omdöme som SvD:s chefredaktör gav om Internationella Engelska Skolan så sent som i maj i år, när hon fick pris av tidningen. IES har, skrev chefredaktören då, "med högsta betyg i utförandet lyckats skapa studiero för eleverna, nytta för samhället och bidragit till att Sverige står bättre rustat för framtiden."

SvD har vägrat publicera Barbara Bergströms inlägg. Men här finns det i sin helhet:

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How We Ensure Quality at all IES Schools

We pride ourselves on high academic quality as one of our core values. Grades from Internationella Engelska Skolan, including national tests and final grades, are carefully controlled so they give an accurate picture of students’ achievements and we can assess quality in our schools.

Now IES is calling for improvements for all schools throughout Sweden, whether municipal or free, including a more accurate grading system and national tests in all subjects.

Mr Damian Brunker, head of academics for IES, uses grade tracking systems to monitor IES’ results. He and two school managers (skolchefer) go through all data with each school during yearly quality talks focussed on ensuring that grading is correct. Teachers receive ongoing feedback to help them grade correctly.

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IES has a high proportion of qualified teachers

On October 1 information was printed by Svenska Dagbladet implying that IES has a low percentage of qualified teachers.  This was due to the fact that our well-qualified teachers from outside Sweden were not counted in the statistics they used.

We handpick outstanding qualified teachers from the around the world.

This year (2018/2019) 85 per cent of Internationella Engelska Skolan's teachers are qualified. 38 per cent have a qualification from a Swedish teaching education programme and 47 per cent from an English-speaking country.

IES schools provide up to half the lessons in English. Under Swedish school law our qualified teachers from English-speaking countries are qualified to teach in Sweden.


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Recognising Talent

Coming to work for Internationella Engelska Skolan could just be the first step in your career with us. The organisation has a proven track record of promoting key staff from within and prides itself on recognising talent.

Welcome From The Founder

To speak English "well" is not enough in today´s world, writes Ms Barbara Bergström, the American science teacher who founded the English School in 1993.

Young Swedes should acquire a total inner security when speaking English. Our schools offer the best environment for achieving this. An important part of our success is that we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning. Schools should have a calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

These founding ideas have laid a solid ground for success. Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level ("Grundskolan") in Sweden. Some 24 000 students attend our 34 schools around the country.

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We recruit the best teachers from around the world.

Our schools are places where teachers can teach and students can learn.  This is possible  because of the strong emphasis Internationella Engelska Skolan places on creating a safe and calm environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. That environment helps everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

All of our staff pull together to create the best learning environment through the school so that rather than using time and energy to establish the preconditions for learning, our teachers are able to step into the classroom knowing that their lessons will start on time and then run smoothly and without disruption.

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Internationella Engelska Skolan in Eskilstuna Internationella Engelska Skolan in Eskilstuna started our first school year the autumn of 2006 and had approximately 380 students in classes 6-9 during the first year. The school...
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