Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma is a 4-9 school with a safe and calm environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.

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We create high aspirations for future generations

Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma is a dynamic and popular school offering grades 4-9. We follow the Swedish curriculum although the teaching is partly in English.

We provide our students with a chance to excel in all subjects as well as to command the English language in a safe and orderly environment, in which teachers can teach and students learn.

We focus on:
Discipline and respect for one another
High academic goals

Our school is a safe and calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn, and we are committed to helping every child reach their full potential.

We teach using the Swedish national curriculum and up to half the education in our school is delivered through the English language by qualified teachers from English-speaking countries including Canada, the USA, and the UK.

Internationella Engelska Skolan started in 2005 with 540 students and has now more than 930 students. Every student has a mentor with overall control over the student’s academic and social development in school.

In August 2012 IESB expanded to offer grades 4-9, formerly having grade 6-9.

First and foremost, we believe every student should be seen as an individual in their own right, and that they should feel they are special. We also believe that achieving a high level of English proficiency will create greater opportunities for our students.

The school premises are spacious and situated on a hill surrounded by beautiful parkland and waterways while still being only a short walk from Brommaplan’s subway and bus terminal.

We have brought together a professional and dedicated staff at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma from all around the globe, teachers and support staff who bring with them knowledge, experience and possibilities. Each day our staff enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a new generation of successful students, and to the inspiring young adults they become.