Student health

School psychologist and special educators

The school psychologist is an expert in developmental psychology, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and psychological ill health.

This expertise contributes to the team's health promotion and preventive work. The school psychologist also carries out remedial actions for individual students.

The main duties of a school psychologist:

  • Supervision and consultation with educators and members of the student health team.
  • Contribute knowledge of which factors promote or hinder mental health or learning and development.
  • School psychological investigations to understand the needs of individuals for learning support.

Special Educators

Special Educators are part of each school's student health team. They work with students both individually, in smaller groups or in class to support students to be able to meet the knowledge requirements and develop as individuals.

The main duties of special educators are:

  • Working with students individually, in groups or classes.
  • Screening students in reading, writing and math.
  • Supporting individual students or smaller groups of students before National Tests in year 3, year 6 and year 9.
  • Guiding students and teachers with alternative learning tools and learning styles.
  • Writing “pedagogiska utredningar” and åtgärdsprogram and creating support.
  • Writing applications for extra voucher based on individual student needs.


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