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We believe that the success of a school rests in its people and in their competence, determination, unity of purpose and passion for education.

Excellent teachers from around the world

Our ambition is to employ the best teachers from Sweden and English-speaking countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We look for teachers who are passionate about their subjects and can inspire their students.

Teachers moving to Sweden must be prepared to commit to IES for at least two years.

In the academic year 2020/2021 we had approximately 2,100 teachers and 1,000 other staff employed in our Swedish schools. Approximately 40% of our teachers are educated in Sweden and most of the rest come from English-speaking countries. Around 84 per cent of IES teachers are qualified.

As an employer we pride ourselves on great workplaces that develop talent and take care of people.

Strong school leadership

IES is driven by its values and employs dedicated principals passionate about our ethos and passionate about leading people. Our principals are present in the school’s daily life, welcoming students in the morning and available throughout the day by being out in the corridors and in the cafeteria.

Support to develop

At IES you will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Whether new to teaching or an experienced educator you will start with an induction program. As an IES teacher you will be part of academic and mentoring teams with heads of department and year to support you. There is also a team of professionals dedicated to student care, helping both staff and students.