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Teaching at IES

What did you hope for when you became a teacher?


Being a teacher in an IES school

At IES you have the opportunity to make a difference in your students’ lives.

Our schools are a place where every student is seen.

Does a student need extra support? We offer it. Does a student need more of a challenge? We provide it.

As a teacher at IES you will be a crucial part of your students’ future. You will be a mentor for 16 students, a role that means both supporting them in their academics as well as being the contact between the school and the family, including formal feedback four times a year.

Maintaining the highest level of education is a total commitment to our students and parents. You are a part of delivering on that commitment. That is a big responsibility and an opportunity to grow as a person and a teacher. Compared to many other national curriculums, as a teacher in Sweden you have the freedom to be creative and plan your lessons. 18 hours of each teacher’s week is dedicated to lessons and the rest is used for planning, department meetings, mentorship and giving students extra help.