Student health

IES Central Student Health

IES has a central student health team which supports the student health personnel in their work, develops guidelines for the organisation and carries out systematic quality work.

The central student health team at Internationella Engelska Skolan consists of the director of student health, the head nurse, the deputy head nurse, the head counsellor and the school psychologist coordinator.

Comments and complaints:
For comments and complaints regarding student health please contact department head:

Contact information:
For specific cases please contact your child's school to speak to the nurse.

Director of student health:
Helena Lüning

Nurse coordinators:
Anna Jansson
Hannah Ertman Söderlind
Jenny Lindholm
Maria Göransdotter Hammar

Head counsellor:
Carola Eurenius

School psychologist coordinator:
Ricard Magnusson
Via director of student health.