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Making the Move

What is it like teaching in Sweden? What help will I get to move? IES has been helping educators relocate to a new life in Sweden for more than 20 years


Working as a teacher in Sweden:

  • There are two terms in the Swedish school year: August to December and January to June
  • Teachers work 194 days at school with students present for 178 days
  • Teachers have 12–13 weeks of paid holiday during school breaks
  • All contracts follow national and local union agreements

We support you every step of the way to get settled in your school:

  • Support in arranging a place to live
  • Help in getting started with banks, social security number, etc
  • A plane ticket to Sweden
  • Help in organising visa documents
  • Support in learning Swedish
  • A healthy pedagogical lunch each day
  • 2,000 kronor contribution for wellness and fitness