How to apply


Application - From February 1, the year after your child is born

All children can be placed in the queue from February 1 the year after they are born, this is to make sure that children born at the end of December have the same chance of a place as those born at the start of January.
When it comes to new schools we announce the date that the queue will open in advance.

Open Houses and Information Evenings - early autumn

Each year our schools hold open houses and information evenings, and all families are welcome to attend. While we recommend these events for families who have already placed their children in the queue, those who have not already applied are also very welcome. These events are the ideal opportunity to hear more about the school, to meet the principal and staff, and to ask questions.

Intake starts - autumn

Following the information event the first offers will be made to those families whose children have been in the queue longest, or who already have a sibling in the school. Families are given a short time to decide if they would like to accept the place, usually a couple of weeks. This is so that we can continue the intake process, and offer places to the next children in the queue in good time.

Workshop day - spring

During the spring term all children who have accepted a place are invited to a workshop day. This is the opportunity for you students to meet your teacher and classmates, try out some sample lessons and get a feel for life at your new school. Following the workshop teachers may have some suggestions for further study for students who need a little help before term starts.

Start of term

After a relaxing summer break we look forward to welcoming students to the school.