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Handling Complaints

As we work together to create the right school environment in the best interests of our students, it is essential that close and trusting relationships are built between our schools, students and guardians. Our goal is to provide a high quality education for all our students, and we value your feedback. According to school law, Huvudman has the responsibility to have written procedures for handling complaints which are detailed below for Internationella Engelska Skolan AB (4 kap. 8 § skollagen).

Please follow the routines below if you have a complaint:

1 - Contact the Mentor

Students or guardians who have a complaint shall contact the Mentor who documents the complaint and starts an investigation if necessary. The mentor may forward your complaint to the Head of Department, Head of Year, Academic Manager or another staff member. In cases where it concerns a member of staff, the complaint will be forwarded directly to the Assistant Principal or Principal. 

2 - Contact the Assistant Principal or Principal

If the Mentor is unable to resolve the issue, the next step is to contact the Assistant Principal or Principal who takes over the case, investigates further and proposes actions to be taken.

3 - Contact Huvudman

If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached within the school, complaints should then be forwarded to the “Huvudman” - the organisation behind the school - which is Internationella Engelska Skolan I Sverige AB. You forward your complaint by clicking below:

Forward complaint to Huvudman

Once you have completed the online complaint form, you will receive a confirmation email if you have given your contact details. Huvudman is responsible for investigating your complaint in a timely manner. The assigned Case Manager will inform you of the results of the investigation as well as initiated actions.