What IES Can Offer You

Working with us at IES comes with numerous advantages. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to you as an employee.


About IES

Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) is a bilingual Swedish school with an international profile, where every student is given the possibility to meet high academic expectations and aspirations whatever their background, and where teaching takes place in a safe and calm environment. We have staff and students from all over the world contributing to a dynamic international atmosphere that everyone benefits from and enjoys. As an employer, it is important to us to create workplaces that develop talent and take care of people. We want to provide our employees with a good working environment where they can use their competencies and have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

Working with us at IES comes with numerous advantages. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits to you as an employee.


Grow and develop with us

IES, a dynamic and progressive organisation, places a strong emphasis on fostering the professional growth of its employees by providing them with opportunities to develop their career paths within the company. 

Allowing employees to move laterally between schools within the organisation is another beneficial aspect. This practice enables employees to gain diverse experiences, expand their skill sets, and broaden their knowledge across different areas of the organisation. We also work actively with continuous competence development. At IES you have the opportunity to participate in both internal and external training.

Induction process: For new employees we have a structured induction process to ensure they receive all the information and support they need to become a valuable member of the team.

IES development programs: Our ability to develop our employees is one of the largest prerequisites for success. Internal leadership capacity is built with support from our own programs, mentorship and learning on the job. IES has internal leadership programs such as School Leadership Program and Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principal and Principal candidates.

Performance and development process: At IES we continuously work to develop our employees, establish clear goals, and offer feedback throughout the year. The performance and development dialogue is a direct link between the objectives of IES, those of the school and of the employee respectively.

This annual process consists of evaluation, feedback & appraisal talk, overall review of the year, and development & goal setting plan, which are all related to the respective salary talk. The process aims to ensure conditions for employees to perform, learn and develop, and to reach set goals. Clear goals and expectations and developing feedback also contribute to conditions for high performance and well being at work. Performance and development dialogue is therefore a crucial part of the planning and delivery of the organisation’s work.


Health benefits

Employee wellness: Employee wellness is a collective name for the measures and activities aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent ill-health and provide support in the event of problems. IES offers a wide range of health benefits to its employees.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): All IES employees have access to EAP through Falck healthcare. Fully qualified advisers provide psychological, legal and financial guidance on a wide range of issues irrespective of whether the matter is private or work related.

Wellness allowance/ friskvårdsbidrag: IES provides an allowance of 2000 SEK/ calendar year for health and sports activities (based on the Swedish tax agency's guidelines), for example gym membership, exercise classes, team sports, swimming or massage.

For the defined need of “terminal glasses” IES has an agreement with Synoptik to provide subsidised sight tests for employees who normally work in front of a computer screen for at least 1 hour a day. The discount on computer glasses applies to special glasses defined by the optician adapted for your computer work in order to be able to carry out your work.

Occupational health services: 
In case of certain work-related health issues, IES can use the occupational health services provided by our partner, Falck. However, it is important to note that the approval and arrangement of these services are carried out by IES for both proactive and rehabilitation work.

Move with IES: More and more children and young adults have decreased their physical activity and are suffering from mental illness. As a response to this we have launched our very own health project, #movewithIES, to promote students’ physical activity. The vision is for students to reach WHO's goal of 60 minutes of activity/ day, make physical activity and healthy eating habits become a natural part of the school day while also educating students in health, both mental and physical.


Other benefits

Collective bargaining agreement: All employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. IES is a member of Almega tjänsteföretagen and has collective agreements with the unions Sveriges Lärare, Vision and Kommunal.

Extra Insurances: IES employees are covered by a number of additional insurances in addition to the Swedish statutory insurances, including work related injury insurance, life insurance, business travel insurance, accident insurance.   

Additional occupational pension: If you are a privately employed civil servant (white collar employee, “tjänsteman”) and work at a company covered by a collective agreement in Sweden, you receive ITP as an occupational pension, in addition to the general pension. IES gives all employees that extra security in the form of ITP, on top of the occupational pension, as a full security for your time whilst at IES and after.  

In case you have a job role within the Kommunal CBA area (blue collar employee, “arbetare”),  e.g activity leader, student assistant, kitchen- or cleaning staff, caretaker, you are entitled to “avtalspension” SAF-LO, instead of ITP.

Additional holiday entitlement: IES provides five extra holidays to employees over the age of 40.

Parental benefits/ Parental leave supplement: Employees have the right to additional parental leave supplement from IES, of 10% of monthly salary, if the employee has been continuously employed at IES for at least one year and the employee’s position of employment continues for at least three months after the period of leave. The parental leave supplement is calculated differently depending on whether the employee's monthly salary exceeds or falls below a certain salary limit. This salary limit  is calculated as: (10 x price base amount)/12. 

Recruitment bonus: We offer a referral bonus of 2,000 SEK to employees who refer a friend, who is subsequently hired for at least 1 year and meets all qualifications/required for the position.

For International employees

Reimbursement of travel expenses: IES reimburses the reasonable costs related to relocating to Sweden, which includes a one-way flight in Economy class for the employee (not any family members).

Assistance organising documentation for visa: We provide assistance with new applications for visa and work permit as well as extension, through our immigration partner KPMG. After 4 years, if all conditions are met we will also provide assistance in obtaining permanent residency permits.

Assistance in applying for Swedish social security number: A Swedish social security number (personnummer) holds significant importance in all aspects of life in Sweden. It serves as the key to various services and opportunities within the country. IES supports you throughout the application process and offers assistance in preparing the necessary documents for the application and guides you through the application procedure.

Bank account opening before receiving Swedish social security number (personnummer): IES has an agreement with Handelsbanken to allow employees to open a bank account before receiving their social security number.

Support in arranging accommodation: We can offer useful advice in finding and securing accommodation in Sweden. If needed, we are also able to provide references to support your rental application.

Support in learning the Swedish language:
The IES  provides an online language course for new international employees who are interested in learning Swedish. The course covers SFI C+D level, and prepares you to take a language skills “entrance” test for “svenska som andraspråk på grundläggande nivå”. The course fees are funded by IES during the first six months, while continued participation requires a monthly payment of 149 SEK+ VAT.