A safe and calm environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. Our school is bilingual and teaches students from year F to 9.

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We recruit the best teachers from Sweden and around the world

Internationella Engelska Skolan is a truly international school. We have staff and students from all over the world contributing to a dynamic international atmosphere that everyone benefits from and enjoys. Our schools are bilingual with up to 50% of the education in English and follow the Swedish national curriculum.

Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) has played a significant role in changing the face of Swedish education with a clear focus on quality teaching and learning. Our schools regularly win awards and are at the top of the academic results tables which has contributed to a long student queue.

The school group was founded in 1993 and is today the fourth largest educational provider within grundskolan (compulsory school) in Sweden. As of August 2021 more than 30,000 students attend our 43 schools in Sweden.

We also have seven schools in Spain with 4,700 students. For us this is just the beginning.

Our ambition is to open more schools so that we can make an IES education available to more students.

Our schools in Sweden are free of charge for all students, and entirely funded via the municipalities and the school voucher system. Our schools are open to all and we accept applications from students on a first-come, first-served basis.


Some subjects are taught through one language. English, maths and science are taught through English whilst Swedish, SVA, SO and our special educators teach through Swedish. Other subjects vary in the language of tuition on a school by school basis and after consideration of who the best teacher is.

Our schools are places where teachers can teach and students can learn.  This is possible  because of the strong emphasis Internationella Engelska Skolan places on creating a safe and calm environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. That environment helps everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

All of our staff pull together to create the best learning environment through the school so that rather than using time and energy to establish the preconditions for learning, our teachers are able to step into the classroom knowing that their lessons will start on time and then run smoothly and without disruption.

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