A safe and calm environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. Our school is bilingual and teaches students from year F to 9.

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Founder's Introduction

Dear parents and students: 

I would like to introduce our schools, International English Schools, in this brief presentation. When starting The English School in 1993, it was with the conviction that commanding the English language is imperative in order for youngsters to be able to realize their full potential in the modern world. We can no longer comfort ourselves as educators that Swedish school children learn to speak English “well”. That is not enough. We have to be a step ahead and ensure they acquire a total inner security when speaking English, being able to explore and discuss issues in-depth in English.

Our schools offer the best environment for achieving this. We recruit the main part of our teachers from English speaking countries. We provide an international, English speaking culture in our schools. A major part of our teaching is in English, beginning as early as grade 4. Our Upper Secondary school, “Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet” has both the Natural Science and the Social Science programs taught completely in English.

An important part of our success in education is that we provide a secure environment for teaching and learning. We believe in discipline, the concept of “tough love” and we have high expectations for everyone. This is in stark contrast to the currently endorsed “feel good curriculum” in so many other places. We see the need to work hard and be ambitious in order to reap the rewards. Every member of our team is committed to placing high-quality education first.

A school which experiences constant progress in learning, in an environment free of fear of bullying and violence, becomes a place filled with joy and good vibrations. At our International English Schools, we see student achievement as a shared responsibility involving the student, family, educator, and community.

All of our schools employ the system of continuous assessment in all grades. Using this system, we ensure that we always know how each child is progressing and can avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the school year. We provide formal feedback to students and parents four times per school year via conferences and end-of-term reports.

Naturally, we have a range of support mechanisms to help every student, covering both academic and social issues. An example of such support is the mentor teacher, who is given responsibility for each child and to whom parents are encouraged to turn with their questions.

Of course, there is nothing like seeing our school in action. We welcome you to come and see how we work.


Ms Barbara Bergström