Nyheter | 2023 juni 08

IES Linköping running for blood

Staff from IES Linköping competed in the exercise race “Blodomloppet”, which is organized in 18 locations around Sweden with over 100,000 participants.


IES Linköping had perfect conditions with nice temperatures and sunny weather when the race took place on June 1st.
"It was an amazing evening”, said Khoby Hinds, IT & social media representative at IES Linköping. “Along with almost 10,000 other participants, 16 of us represented IES Linköping and either ran 10k, ran 5k or walked 5k around the city, we were cheered on by spectators throughout the whole course."

Blodomloppet Sweden is a non-profit association whose members are sports associations and blood centers. The purpose of the blood drive is to draw attention to and manifest the need for blood donation and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The race's surplus goes back to the organizing associations' youth activities and to promoting the importance of donating blood.

For more information on the race in your city, click here.
If you want to know more about blood donation, visit www.geblod.nu