Nyheter | 2023 juni 14

A supportive school is vital

Choosing the right school for your child can be difficult, but it can also make all the difference in the world. For the Johansson Kalström family in Stockholm, finding a school that believed in their son Levi was vital.


Pernilla Johansson and Carola Kalström were looking for something completely different than before, when their son Levi started grade four at IES Länna.
“The teachers and staff have changed our lives completely”, Carola explains. “Levi enjoys going to school now, he is happy. Everyone is devoted and they genuinely want every child to feel confident and to be able to reach their full potential. The teachers listen to the kids and believe in their abilities.”

School hadn’t always been a positive experience.
“Levi had a turbulent time right from the start in F-class and he changed schools several times during his first school years”, Pernilla says. “It seemed impossible to find teachers or a school that understood and supported him and focus was directed to what was not working, instead of the opposite. All the negativity was taking a toll and Levi was really struggling.”

"The positive feedback becomes a driving force for the children, they feel that it's possible to succeed."

Also, Levi is a fast learner, and his parents wanted him to be challenged academically.
“His previous schools either didn’t have resources or the ability to cater to his knowledge hunger and he was constantly understimulated”, Carola says. “The biggest difference between IES and other schools is that IES has a clear structure, the students know what is expected of them. It’s a high level of education, but it’s adapted to each individual. Levi likes to get challenging tasks and they make him feel like he dares to try – they support him all the way. The teachers know how to motivate students to work hard, and they focus on the progress. The positive feedback becomes a driving force for the children, they feel that it’s possible to succeed.”

Pernilla and Carola feel confident about Levi’s future, as he is allowed to be himself in school, to be seen and to thrive.
“They guide him through difficult situations and give him tools to succeed. He feels equally important as anybody else – inside and outside of the classroom. We are so grateful that we came to IES Länna”, Carola concludes.