Nyheter | 2022 juni 23

“She is one of the strongest people I know”

It was all about grit when this year's Ellinor scholarship recipients got awarded these past weeks. Two of the award winners have now graduated from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm. Both of them got beautiful motivations from the speeches given to them.


“She is one of the strongest people I know! It’s amazing that she has turned into the most beautiful, lovable person despite the challenges she has faced”, were said about Clara Alici, International Baccalaureate student. “She has been kind, gracious and supportive even on the most stressful and sleep deprived days, she is always a ray of sunshine.”

The National Program student Felix Brehmer was described as keeping up studies with a smile on his face whilst undergoing treatment: “I have been moved to see the strength of character, grit and perseverance an individual can display when challenges come one's way. He did not shy away, withdraw or question "Why me". He stayed strong and persevered.” 

All the winners and nominees should be proud of themselves, showing true grit by never giving up. Well done everyone!

Scholarship recipients 2022:
Clara Alici, IEG Södermalm 
Felix Brehmer, IEG Södermalm
Lova Myrgren, IES Skellefteå
Elina Milton, IES Sundsvall
Eda Kilinckaya, IES Skärholmen
Dion Djurberg, IES Helsingborg