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Internationella Engelska Skolan Skärholmen erbjuder en trygg och ordnad miljö där lärare kan undervisa och och elever lära. Skolan är tvåspråkig och undervisar elever från årskurs 4 till 9.

Nyheter | 2023 maj 30

Butterfly Release Celebration Day

The Junior Club students had the Butterfly Release Celebration Day.


A few weeks ago, the Junior Club teacher, Mr. Sai, bought a few caterpillars for the junior club activity and raised it together with the Junior Club students in order for them to learn true value of cherishing life and nature. They observed how they were doing on a daily basis and studied carefully what they needed.

All the caterpillars eventually turned into beautiful butterflies. Knowing that they cannot stay in a cage forever, Mr. Sai asked the Junior Club students if the butterflies could be released into the nature where they are supposed to be. They all agreed and released them into the nature together.

Upon releasing them, the students were very proud of themselves and happy. They wished the butterflies for the best.