Internationella Engelska Skolan Örebro erbjuder en trygg och ordnad miljö där lärare kan undervisa och och elever lära. Skolan är tvåspråkig och undervisar elever från årskurs 4 till 9.



Rektor hälsar välkommen

I am delighted that you’re interested in learning more about Internationella Engelska Skolan in Örebro. IES Örebro opened in 2003, and we currently have students in years 4-9. With over 600 amazing students at our school, there's always something exciting going on! 

An important part of our success has been the safe and orderly environment we provide. At IESÖ, everyone is treated with respect. We have clear, consistent expectations of behavior and we focus on building positive relationships with students. Our goal is to create a school environment where your child feels safe and included. 

There are many other things that make IESÖ special. We are a bilingual school that teaches the Swedish national curriculum in both Swedish and English. Around 40% of our staff come from countries outside of Sweden, and your child will benefit from an international culture with classmates and teachers from many different backgrounds and parts of the world. 

We also have high academic expectations for our students and we encourage them to be active in their studies. We believe that every child can achieve success, and we are dedicated to supporting students to become responsible citizens and to acquire the confidence and ambition to succeed and make the most of their talents. We work hard and we enjoy great results on national tests and final year grades. We are very proud that 99% of our graduates are accepted to their first choice gymnasium school. 

When deciding if IES Örebro is the right school for you, it is important to consider that we expect staff, students, and guardians to uphold our routines and values. By doing this, we can work together to create the best environment for your child to learn. Treating others with respect, practicing good manners, and following the school’s rules and routines are the foundations of our success.

Over the last twenty years IES Örebro has been one of the most successful schools in Örebro County. We believe that this is due to our commitment to students’ social and academic development and following the IES ethos of a safe and orderly school environment, command of the English language, and high academic expectations. Thank you for your interest in finding out more about our school!

Michael Ballard
Principal, IESÖ