I augusti 2024 öppnar Internationella Engelska Skolan Norrtälje sina portar för eleverna. Det blir en tvåspråkig skolas som ger varje elev möjligheten att nå högt ställda kunskapsmål och att orientera sig i en internationell miljö, oavsett bakgrund.

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IES Norrtälje will become a Swedish school with an international profile, brand new, with a fit-for-purpose building, including a beautiful library, and great school yard. Already from preschool class (förskoleklass), children are introduced to a bilingual environment, by hearing English spoken in the corridors and during fritids, as well as by playing and singing in both Swedish and English. As a student, you do not need to know any English when you start. It is our job to teach them!

Within IES, we aspire to give every student the possibility to achieve ambitious academic results. The foundation for lifelong learning is set in preschool, and everything starts by learning to read, write and count. Through clear goals and high expectations, we set the conditions for learning that are needed for students to experience the satisfaction of succeeding in their learning.

Our school and fritids are welcoming places where all students, regardless of background, are helped to reach their full potential in a safe and secure environment. A large part of what will make IES Norrtälje special is the international spirit and diversity within the staff body. Proficient and passionate teachers are essential to maintaining excellent quality in teaching and we hand-pick teachers from all over the world.

With us, you are part of setting and developing a strong school culture from the start. We endeavour to provide a school where our students are seen and taken care of by a dedicated team. Our teachers pay particular attention to meeting the individual needs of our students, whilst creating a stimulating learning climate. At IES Norrtälje, every student is everyone’s student.