I augusti 2024 öppnar Internationella Engelska Skolan Österåker sina portar för eleverna. Det blir en tvåspråkig skolas som ger varje elev möjligheten att nå högt ställda kunskapsmål och att orientera sig i en internationell miljö, oavsett bakgrund.

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Rektor hälsar välkommen

IES Österåker is a Swedish school with an international profile. Students will attend classes in a brand new fit-for-purpose building that has a beautiful 81-square-metre library and spacious schoolyard. They will enjoy school lunches and breakfasts that are cooked for them on campus in our newly built kitchen. From the very beginning in preschool class (förskoleklass), children are introduced to a bilingual environment by hearing English spoken in the corridors, during fritids, in the classroom, in song, and in practical subjects. Students do not need to know English before they start, we will gradually teach them.

As principal of IES Österåker I have a clear vision of the school that I want for my students. It has been forged over 22 years while teaching and working with children in Swedish schools. As an educator, I understand the profound impact a school has on a child. This responsibility is not taken lightly; it’s the very reason I wholeheartedly embrace the IES ethos.

My educational philosophy is grounded in the knowledge that a strong foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic is the key to a joy for learning that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge and becomes a lifelong pursuit.

Teachers have a crucial role in bringing this vision to life. I am actively recruiting dedicated and skilled staff from abroad and within Sweden. Teachers who will ensure students have every opportunity to reach their full potential both in their acquisition of knowledge and the ability to apply it. I know that the relationship between mentors, teachers, and students is essential in the learning process, and at IESÖ, faculty actively cultivate and nourish these connections. Our school is not just an educational institution; it is a community where children learn, develop, and support one another, guided by our teaching staff.

Beyond academic excellence, a strong self esteem and confidence as well as determination and grit is what I want for each student, therefore social development is at the centre of all we do. Fostering an environment where students can trust their peers, rely on the adults in the school and use their own judgement to navigate the world with a strong moral compass is my mission. This is partly achieved through the House System whereby each student is a member of a house from the first day of school to the last. The Houses facilitate a buddy and mentor relationship among students in all grades and unites them in a common goal. Fun activities as well as social initiatives that they themselves decide upon and work with. Each student is part of setting and developing a positive school culture.

All of us at IESÖ know that paying particular attention to meeting the individual needs of every student, whilst creating a stimulating learning climate is what makes us special. At IES Österåker, every student is everyone’s student. I look forward to meeting you and your child on campus!