Internationella Engelska Skolan


Internationella Engelska Skolan Liljeholmen är en 4-9 skola som erbjuder en lugn och trygg miljö, där lärare kan undervisa och elever lära. Från och med augusti 2024 kommer skolan att välkomna elever från årskurs F till 9.


Nyheter | 2023 augusti 31

First Dress-Up Day of the year!


Let's rewind to the recent past, to that exciting day known as last Friday when something special happened at IES Liljeholmen. It was our very first Dress-Up Day, and the theme was "Crazy Hat." Imagine students of all ages joining in on the fun, wearing hats that were wonderfully wacky and full of imagination.

These types of events have a magical ability to bring everyone together—students and teachers alike. They turn the school into a place of laughter and playfulness. Picture the hallways buzzing with excitement as students show off their creative hats, and teachers join in the merriment. It's like the school becomes a big playground filled with smiles.

But here's the twist: students who dressed up earned something called "house points." These points are like little rewards for doing something awesome. They're a way to say, "Hey, great job!" to the students. And guess what? These points aren't just for show. They're part of a bigger friendly competition. Each student tries their best to help their "House" (a group they belong to) win by the end of the school year.

And guess what happens when this competition gets going? The school spirit goes through the roof! It's like a wave of enthusiasm that sweeps over everyone. The students feel proud to be part of their House, and they cheer each other on. It's a wonderful feeling of togetherness and excitement that fills the school all year long.

So, in a nutshell, last Friday's Dress-Up Day wasn't just about crazy hats; it was about bringing joy, building friendships, and creating a strong sense of belonging. And as the year rolls on, the spirit of competition and camaraderie keeps the school buzzing with positive energy.