Internationella Engelska Skolan


Internationella Engelska Skolan Kungsbacka erbjuder en trygg och ordnad miljö där lärare kan undervisa och och elever lära. Skolan är tvåspråkig och undervisar elever från årskurs F till 9.


Nyheter | 2022 augusti 12

Anna Tebelius Bodin Inspires Staff

The staff at IES Kungsbacka started the term by listening to Anna Tebelius Bodin, graduate from Harvard University and one of Sweden’s top 100 public speakers. She blew our minds away by discussing the learning processes in the brain and how pedagogues can improve the learning environment in the classroom and school.
Our teachers and staff have her book now and we use it as one of our turn to literature pieces throughout this year. Google Anna Tebelius Bodin and read more about the brain and how children learn….the learning process!