The management team of Internationella Engelska Skolan is responsible for ensuring that all parts of the organization function at the highest level, within their area of ​​expertise.


Group Management

Chief Executive Officer
Ms Anna Sörelius Nordenborg
As CEO, Ms Sörelius Nordenborg is ultimately responsible for the entire organisation and its operations. She has a solid background, including as country manager, Sweden, for Anicura, and vice president business development at Sandvik Mining and as a consultant at McKinsey.

Head of Communication
Ms Frida Berg 
Ms Berg comes to IES from a position at Spotify, where she held the role of head of communications & PR EMEA. She previously worked for the communications firm Geelmuyden Kiese, as a client service director, senior advisor and CEO. She has also been chief press officer for McDonald's Sweden. She will be responsible for areas including internal and external communication, public affairs, contact with media, branding, marketing and sustainability.


Head of Property Management
Mr Tony Janes 
As Head of Property Management, Mr Tony Janes is responsible for leading the strategic insight within the Real Estate Developement Department at IES. Mr Janes has a solid history within the real estate industry, including former  Head of Property Management for both Fabege AB and Jernhusen AB.

Head of HR
Ms Catarina Friborg 
Ms Friborg is responsible for driving the organisation’s HR-strategy including talent management and leadership development as well as ensuring that school leadership teams can access the best support for HR matters. Her background includes roles as head of HR at Capio St Göran’s Hospital as well as senior HR director at Arla Foods, HR director for for Sweden, Nordics & Baltics at MSD and head of HR Nordic at Salon Professional (Wella).

Mr Lars Jonsson

Mr Jonsson joined IES in 2020 and is responsible for the financial strategy of the company and its long-term financial stability. He leads the finance department as well as assisting the schools with their finances, budgets, school vouchers and negotiating contracts. Prior to joining Internationella Engelska Skolan he worked as Head of Financial Control & Treasury at the international cash handling company Loomis AB.  

Mr Tim Lakin
Tim Lakin is since 2016 the MD for IES's Spanish school operations and its subsidiary International Educational Partners. Mr Lakin has an extensive experience from international education through previous roles, including vice CEO of IALE-Elians Group and Regional Manager Europa Cambridge International Examinations.

Vice Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jörgen Stenquist
As a former major in the Swedish marines, Mr Stenquist has seen service in countries across the globe. More recently he was Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Täby before becoming the organization's Vice CEO in 2009. He assists the CEO with the operation of the organization including strategic planning, daily operations, expansion and security on a strategic level.

Regional Directors

Regional Director South
Mr Joakim Andersson
Overall management responsibility for the schools in Region South, focused on operational performance, financial stability and leadership with high quality standards and delivery in line with IES ethos. Mr Andersson has been a Regional Director since 2020. Previously he was the principal for IES Helsingborg and has also worked as a principal in municipal schools and at Kunskapsskolan.

Regional Director North
Ms Anneli Engvall
Overall management responsibility for the schools in Region North, focused on operational performance, financial stability and leadership with high quality standards and delivery in line with IES ethos. Ms Engvall started working at IES as a teacher when IES Gävle started in 2003 and was the principal for many years until taking up the Regional Director role in 2020.

Regional Director Central
Ms Gina Eriksson
With overall management responsibility for the schools in Region Central focused on operational performance, financial stability and leadership with high quality standards and delivery in line with the IES Ethos. Ms Ericsson started working at IES Enskede as a teacher and Head of English in 2008. After being Assistant Principal in Enskede, she moved to take on the Principal role for IES Täby for 9 years, before taking on the Regional Director role in 2020.

Education and Student Health

Head of Education
Ms Robin Kirk Johansson
Ms Kirk Johansson has the overall responsibility for the IES systematic quality work as well as the coordination and delivery of support targeting the educational quality in IES schools. In the defined role as Skolchef, the assignment is to support the huvudman to ensure that the operations follow the regulations applicable for the education provided. Ms Kirk Johansson has previously been a principal for IES Borås and COO of IES Sweden. She is also an educated teacher from the USA.

School Lawyer
Ms Eva Andersson
School lawyer Eva Andersson joined Internationella Engelska Skolan in 2013. Her role includes providing legal support to principals and head office as well as handling investigations and decisions under Sweden’s educational laws, alongside the head of pastoral, as ombudsman for the organisation. She was previously a director of education for the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) and has also worked as a teacher, and as secretary of a government commission into state-provided adult education.

Head of Pastoral
Mr Jeremy Elder
Mr Elder is responsible for securing a calm learning environment across the organisation.
After teaching in Leeds, Bradford and London, Mr Elder moved to Sweden to work for Internationella Engelska Skolan. He has worked in management positions responsible for student welfare for more than 25 years, including at IES Enskede and later IES Järfälla, where he was assistant principal before becoming head of pastoral for the organisation in 2019.  
Mr Elder is also the ombudsman for Internationella Engelska Skolan. If you would like to make a complaint, more information about how to do this can be found here

Director of Student Health
Dr Helena Luning
Dr Lüning joined Internationella Engelska Skolan in 2016 and is since 2017 responsible for Student Health, which includes medical, psychological and psychosocial activities. The role involves quality management of student health and developing health and psychological initiatives with a special focus on preventive healthcare in our schools. Dr Lüning holds special exams in both paediatrics and children psychiatry. Prior to joining Internationella Engelska Skolan she already had nearly 20 years experience of clinical work within her areas of expertise.

Chief Information Officer
Mr Scott Melnyk
Mr Melnyk comes from a business management background with academic degrees in both in Civil Engineering and Psychology. Mr Melnyk has worked within education, IT, and management for the past 20 years and enjoys following developments in governance, security and pedagogic systems. He is responsible for IT strategy and implementation, including negotiations, security design, IT auditing, and training.

Head of Academics
Ms Annakarin Johansson Sandman
Ms Johansson Sandman is leading the IES academic quality development as well as IES-wide academic initiatives and projects to ensure good quality teaching. She is also Head of Center for our Cambridge International Examinations Center. Ms Johansson Sandman has been working for IES since 2004, first as a teacher and academic manager at IES Enskede followed by taking on the principal role at IES Liljeholmen in 2016 - 2020.