Four new IES schools have now opened

Four new IES schools have now opened

This August more than two thousand new students started learning with Internationella Engelska Skolan in Kungsbacka, Sigtuna (pictured above), Solna and Värmdö.

Internationella Engelska Skolan opened four new schools in August 2021, bringing the total number of IES schools to 43, from Skellefteå in the north to Lund in the south.

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg, CEO of IES, said: “Many families and students want to attend an IES school, we are therefore happy to give this possibility to an additional 2 000 students from all backgrounds this year. The municipalities have been very welcoming and happy we are supporting them in educating the next generation. We are proud and honoured that families make an active choice and choose us to educate their children."

Principal Douglas McPherson at the opening of IES Kungsbacka

Excited students and staff gathered for opening ceremonies, and Anna Sörelius Nordenborg cut the ribbon and planted traditional apple trees together with the principals and public officials.

Principal Suzanne Gavin at the opening of IES Solna

Speaking at the opening ceremony for IES Solna, she said: “As impressive as these new and newly renovated buildings are, they are not what makes an IES school.  An IES school is one where students and teachers work together, with high academic expectations for every child, learning in both Swedish and English in a safe and orderly school environment.  The experienced principals of these four schools know exactly how to work with their teams to create this learning environment.”

Three of the newly-opened schools, in Kungsbacka, Sigtuna and Värmdö, offer education from förskoleklass to grade nine, while IES Solna is open for students from grade four to grade nine.  

At IES Sigtuna, while teaching has already started, the official celebration of the school’s opening will be held in September.

Next year, in August 2022, IES plans to open three new schools for students from förskoleklass until year nine, and families can already place their children in the queue for these new schools planned for Staffanstorp, Trelleborg and Växjö.

Principal Maria Segerstedt at the newly opened IES Värmdö

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate has approved the changes in the ownership structure of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige AB

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate has approved the changes in the ownership structure of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige AB

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) has today announced that it has completed an ownership and management review (ägar- och ledningsprövning) and approved the change in Internationella Engelska Skolan’s (IES) ownership structure where Paradigm Capital AG is the new main owner via two investment funds together with the IES founders' foundation, The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation. Together, they own 75 percent of the votes in IES. 

Carola Lemne, chairman of the board of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “We are pleased that this long process has now been completed so that everyone can continue to be confident that IES not only runs some of the country's best schools but also has long-term and credible owners. Unfortunately, due to covid-19, the review has taken considerably longer than anyone would have liked. There is a great need to enhance Swedish students’ knowledge and we look forward to contributing by making it possible for more students to attend an IES school."

The other owners are passive owners and none of them has more than 10 percent of the votes and thus no controlling influence over IES. A list of the largest owners is available here.

Young IES entrepreneur wows judges with app

Young IES entrepreneur wows judges with app

An IES Jönköping student won an entrepreneurship contest with an app to help A-tractor drivers stay safe, now she is hoping to bring it to app stores.
Märit Lundberg graduated from grade nine at IES Jönköping this August. In her spare time she has also been working on a problem that plagues young drivers - GPS apps don’t cater for vehicles they can use, namely A tractors or in some cases the older EPA tractors.

The car-like vehicles can only travel at a limited speed and as such are not allowed on motorways, something that other GPS solutions do not take account of.

In the tradition of entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the ages, Märit recognised that the problem also presents an opportunity.  She pitched her idea to the Science Park competition for business development, and won twice over.

Märit said: “I was really very surprised, I didn't know that it could go so well in the competition, so I first won in my municipality and then in the whole län (region).

“I didn't tell my family when I entered the contest, so I think they were pretty surprised that I won the 1,000 SEK gift card, then they were so happy and proud when I won the 10,000 SEK, which can only be used for developing the app.”

Märit’s audience is drivers between 15 and 18, who have an AM license which enables them to drive vehicles including the EPA tractor or A tractor.

She said:  “You will be able to put in the maximum speed of the vehicle so the app will calculate how long it will take from A to B, show where the nearest place is to let someone overtake you, and display the safest route.

 “I am developing it now and we will see how long it will take. I want it to be available for every phone so I can help as many young drivers as possible.”

While dreaming up the app in her spare time Märit also completed her compulsory education at IES Jönköping.  She said: “I did well in all the national tests and I am very pleased with my grades. I’m going to go to Brinellgymnasiet in Nässjö to study the technical programme (teknik).”

Congratulations to Märit and good luck for the future and your app.

IES Kista students’ science collaboration spans six countries

IES Kista students’ science collaboration spans six countries

An ambitious international science and technology project inspired students from around Europe to work together and take their learning to the next level.

Schools from five European countries joined Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista as part of the STEAM Embassies project. Teachers and children from Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Latvia and Italy, all visited IES Kista as part of the several-year project promoting science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM).

The schools collaborated to share their technology curriculum and the students all learned together.

Charlotte Dunnell (pictured, in green), a 6th grader from IES Kista, said: "I liked the STEAM club because it was fun being able to try new things and to learn about science, technology and maths in a different way. I particularly enjoyed the parachute project and building the roller coaster. It was fun working with my friends in the club."

Now the teachers who took part in the project have published a book of lesson plans to share their learning with other educators:

While the Ebook is in English the lesson plans are available in five other languages as well, including Swedish.

Ms Urmimala Banerjee, head of science at IES Kista said: "This project made us more open minded, culturally aware across borders while sharing good practices. We all grew professionally and academically, gained knowledge about Steam using digital skills and hope it will reduce the Stem skill gap in the European continent in future".

Congratulations to all IES graduates for your years of academic achievement

Congratulations to all IES graduates for your years of academic achievement

More than 4,000 IES students across Sweden graduated after completing year nine, ready to move on to their next challenge.

IES schools throughout Sweden took the chance to celebrate everything that their year nine students have achieved  throughout their years of education.

Every student is different but during their time at school they have all contributed to school life in their own unique way, faced challenges, developed academically, and grown into themselves.

Graduation ceremonies are our chance to show the students just how proud we are of them, and to send them off in style at the end of their career in compulsory school.


Graduation at IES Skellefteå

This year the first ever group of year nine students graduated from IES Skellefteå.  The school opened in 2019 with year groups F-8, and now educates students from grade F to grade 9.

Addressing the graduating class, acting principal Erika Markusson said: “Take with you what you have learned during your time here at IES Skellefteå and make the world a better place. If there is one group of people who could lead us into a better future, it’s this one.”

IES Borås (pictured above) celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and is no stranger to hosting graduations, even if they are slightly different during a pandemic.  The graduating students were addressed by the head of year nine, Christian Johansson (right), who told them: “You have worked hard and now it has paid off, well done. I sincerely wish you all the best and good luck with your adventure into higher education. Don't be strangers, please come back and visit us and share your adventure with us, you are always welcome here.”

The vast majority of year nine students throughout IES have managed to achieve grades which will open the doors of upper secondary education for them. Year on year a higher proportion of IES students are qualified to attend an upper secondary school.  Last year 97 per cent of those graduating year nine at an IES school were able to apply for a place at an upper secondary school, the national average was 86 per cent (Final grades for the 20/21 school year are still being compiled).

Congratulations to all students graduating from year nine, and to the guardians, parents and teachers who have helped them to succeed. We wish you every success in life and a great summer holiday.