News | 20 June 2024

Kulturrådets award “Årets bokväckare 2024” is awarded to IES Tyresö

Kulturrådets “Årets bokväckare 2024” is awarded to Read Around the World. The reading challenge has been developed by school librarian Gulla Hermannsdottir at Internationella Engelska Skolan Tyresö.


Photo by: Elliot Elliot

The winning motivation for the 2024 award is as follows:

"Because the students in Read Around the World have read their way out into the world. Criss-cross, starting from the school library, equipped with their book traveler passes. In a hymn of praise to world literature, mother tongues and the joy of discovery!"

"I hope that reading gives the students increased awareness of different cultures. We are a multicultural school and live in a complex political world, and I believe that knowledge about the lives of others around the world is of great value," says Gulla Hermannsdottir.

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