News | 13 September 2023

IES: Central correction of national tests - the sooner the better

Internationella Engelska Skolan has long called for a system with central correction of the national tests, and is therefore welcoming that the government is willing to provide means to implement centrally corrected national tests from 2024.


The national tests are important tools for the assessment of the students' level of knowledge, and the securing of correct and fair grading. Therefore, IES for years have pointed out the need for centrally corrected national tests and has long spoken of the need for central correction of the national tests and is now happy that the government intends to speed up the transition.

- The national tests will gain increased weight and credibility when they are marked in an equivalent way throughout Sweden. In addition, the teachers are relieved, who already have a large responsibility in terms of grading, says Anna Sörelius Nordenborg, CEO på Internationella Engelska Skolan.

Ensuring an accurate and fair grading is an ongoing process, and centrally administered national tests would facilitate this work. The results of the national tests are indicative of the grading and are particularly taken into account when the teachers assign grades.

In the reassessment of the national tests carried out by the Swedish School Inspectorate in 2018, the image was reinforced that IES' work with grading works well, as the audited IES schools in most cases had a higher than average agreement between the school's correction and the authority's.

- A system with central correction of the national tests would further ensure the equivalence of assessments for students and teachers. A correct and equal assessment is something that all students have the right to, says Anna Sörelius Nordenborg.