News | 27 May 2022

Congratulations to the new chairperson!

Congratulations to Mia Göransdotter Hammar, school nurse at IES Östersund and nurse coordinator at IES, who has been elected the new chairperson for the Swedish Association of School Nurses!


The purpose of the association is to contribute to the development of student health, promote research, clarify current regulations and to promote collaboration with associations and networks.

– I think school nurses are more important than ever, not the least because we see more students in all year groups struggle today than they did 5-10 years ago, Mia explains. The association becomes important in this by highlighting the school nurses’ profession and school nurses' competence in helping all students to reach the goals of the education, which according to the School Law is also part of the school nurses’ tasks. I feel that this is my main task as the new chairman.

Mia has been a board member for 4 years and has a diploma in Primary Health care Specialist Nursing. She has been working as a school nurse for 16 years and started at IES Östersund 1.5 years ago.

–­ I am proud to be a part of a school organization that puts a lot of effort into pastoral and student care. Having a Central Student Health is also a really good thing about IES as it ensures continuous development of student health. I think that being a school nurse is the best job you can ever have!