News | 17 December 2021

Review of school grading welcomed by IES

IES welcomes the Government’s decision to ask Skolinspektionen to strive for more equal assessment and grading


High integrity in grading is important for Internationella Engelska Skolan, which welcomes a review of school grading. The Swedish Government has asked the Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) to carry out the review.

As head of academics at IES, Annakarin Johansson Sandman is responsible for school grading. Welcoming today’s decision she said: “We share the minister of education's opinion that students should be assessed on the basis of their abilities and that grades should fairly reflect each student’s knowledge.

“We work systematically with different methods to ensure integrity in grading.”

To help teachers ensure equal grading, IES has taken measures including the creation of a process for joint assessment between subject teachers in IES schools around Sweden.  IES also has subject specialists who support schools with grading.

Another tool using to secure parity in grading is the regular grading workshops that are held for the schools’ academic managers. Several IES schools carry out moderation with other schools within IES and with municipal schools to ensure correct grading.

Annakarin Johansson Sandman added: “For us, it is important that our students come out with the right knowledge, and that knowledge and grades match each other so that students have the right conditions when they go on to high school, and so that their teachers at high-school understand what the student is capable of.”

Skolinspektionen recently completed a review of how Internationella Engelska Skolan works with grading. In a decision on December 10 they said that IES "implements high-quality measures to create conditions for fair and equal grading."

Read more about our work with grading in our quality report: