News | 10 January 2023

"The English language made studying more fun and gave me new perspectives"

We spoke with former student Sadaf Mohmand about her best memories from her school days at IES Enskede and IEG Södermalm and what she is doing today.


Sadaf Mohmand

Sadaf Mohmand graduated from IEG Södermalm in 2009, and before that she went to IES Enskede (grades 6-9). Today she is 31 years old and works as a manager at an HR tech company.

What have you been doing since you graduated?
"I moved to Barcelona where I studied Spanish, then I moved back to Stockholm where I studied a Human Resources Programme at Stockholm University. I currently work as a manager at a company that works with employer branding in the recruitment industry. I have been in contact with several of my former teachers through work and they remembered me from my school days. I am glad that they remembered me after all this time."

Looking back, what do you value most from your time at IES and IEG?
"The sense of safety at school, with both teachers and other students. The English language made studying more fun and gave me new perspectives. I became independent with the language and as an individual as well. The school was a safe place where I had a lot of fun. And above all, I had very passionate and motivating teachers who committed themselves beyond what was necessary, both in their teaching and to me as a student."

What is your best memory from IES and IEG?
"What I take with me is how I learned to think in new ways, how I wanted to grow and see opportunities in every situation. It has helped me dare to dream big and challenge myself."

Do you have any dreams for the future?
"Living abroad for an extended period of time and working at an international company."