News | 23 April 2024

Celebrate World Book Day with IES.

Today we celebrate World Book Day and many IES schools have different activities planned such as author visits, “book dates”, “book swapping tables”, “Stop, drop, read”, literature quizzes and much more. It’s a day where books take central stage and our libraries take the lead. The idea is to shine a light on books and reading as a gateway to knowledge and empowerment.


Hi Rebecka Johansson, school librarian at IES Staffanstorp. How long have you been with IES?

Hi. I started working at IES in August 2022, when IES Staffanstorp opened.

Why did you become a school librarian?

Like many other librarians I have a passion for reading and talking about literature, and being able to work with this in a way that can make a difference in young people’s lives brings me so much joy. Libraries are an important part of any democratic society, and I’m very proud to be working with something that enriches both the lives of children, and society as a whole. 

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the daily contact with the students, where I get to follow their journey as readers. It is especially rewarding when you are able to help the most reluctant readers in finding something that they enjoy reading. Seeing students change their attitudes towards reading and literature is a wonderful thing, and it is so interesting to hear their thoughts and ideas about the books they read. 

What is world book day?

World book day is a world-wide celebration where we promote the joy of reading, it takes place on 23 April every year. The event was created by UNESCO in 1995, with the intention of highlighting the importance of literature and reading, and promoting equal access to it. 

Schools and school libraries play an important part in promoting the joy of reading, and world book day is an excellent opportunity to highlight this.

Why is it important?

When children find joy in reading, it empowers them in ways that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. Reading improves literacy and general knowledge, which helps us be part of society. It also teaches empathy and helps us gain perspective, while also reducing stress and helping us focus. These are just a few of the benefits of reading - we have so much to gain from promoting the joy of reading. 

How do you highlight the importance of reading at IES Staffanstorp?

I work full time as a school librarian at IES Staffanstorp and all classes visit the library on a regular basis. The school library is always open during recess and we also have a book club after school. Assistant principal Sophie Dykes and förstelärare Sara Annehed, who specifically focuses on reading motivation, have been working with me to create several reading promotion events throughout the school year. These events involve different house activities and where both staff and students take part. 

During this year’s World Book Day we will have a book swap table, a “dress up as your favorite book character” competition, a reading marathon and two fun quizzes. 

What is your best advice to get children and young people interested in reading?

My best advice is to listen to them. No matter if a child identifies as a reader or not, there will be something in their lives, like a certain interest or an experience, that they can explore further through books. Being able to relate to what we are reading is an important key to finding joy in reading, and I truly believe that there is a book for everyone, as long as we make an effort to listen.