News | 28 October 2022

The best of both worlds for IES teachers

Many different nationalities, cultures and traditions meet at Internationella Engelska Skolan - a dynamic workplace where teachers develop both professionally and personally.


Malin Riise

Framtidens karriär – Grundskollärare met Malin Riise from IES Borås and Björn Östlund from IES Sundsvall to talk about what makes IES so special.

Malin said: “There are great opportunities to develop here, both in my teaching role and on a personal level. We are also good at supporting newly graduated colleagues and guiding them into their professional role.”

Björn agreed: “The mix of different nationalities and cultures was one of the reasons why I applied here; it is edifying to work in such an international environment.”

That thought turned out to be more correct than he could have imagined. At IES, he met his future wife.

“My wife, who comes from Canada, is a German teacher.” He explained with a laugh. ”We have now been married for five years. So it was lucky that I changed workplaces for that reason as well.”

Image by Marcus Schoenherr