News | 23 September 2022

Swedish reading development in sharp focus as Internationella Engelska Skolan starts partnership with Lexplore

After a pilot project in five selected schools, Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) has chosen to implement Lexplore widely in all its primary schools. This means that a holistic approach is taken in the systematic work around reading development.


Together with Lexplore, IES is now starting to use AI and Eyetracking to objectively measure reading ability. The aim is to get an early picture of all students' reading ability in an equal way, in order to then effectively allocate resources and invest in the right efforts. Introducing a common method gives the organization and the individual schools the opportunity for deeper collaboration and broader collegial learning between all IES schools around the country.

The pilot and the long-term overall introduction are led by Annakarin Johansson Sandman, Head of Academics at IES. With Annakarin as support, approximately 30 schools will begin the implementation and screening work already during the fall semester.

"Early efforts to increase literacy for students with Swedish as a second language are of the utmost importance for all our students, as literacy is the key to further knowledge. We believe the collaboration with Lexplore for mapping and initiatives for literacy will be of great help to our students." Annakarin Johansson Sandman, Head of Academics International English School.

"I am very happy about the collaboration with IES as it takes us one step closer to helping as many students as possible achieve good results in school. We want to give all students the right conditions for the future, and reading is the most important foundation for all learning." Angelica Rådman, Managing Director Nordics

Fact: This is how Lexplore works
The student reads two texts, one silently and one aloud, on a screen followed by an eye tracker, after which the student is asked some short questions to investigate reading comprehension. The eye movements are analyzed with AI and compared to thousands of reference recordings from students who took reference tests. The results are then delivered in a results portal with visual graphs and the option to zoom in on a unique student or look at the whole for all schools in an entire municipality or organization and can also be compared with the national average.



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