News | 23 February 2024

“A great school to work and continue to develop in”

Meet Mr Lars Theding, the Assistant Principal at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet in Stockholm. Mr Theding is originally from Sundsvall and has been working in different roles at the school since 2002. After 22 years within the organisation, we are curious to know what keeps him motivated in his daily work.


What would you say is unique about IES, when we started and now?
“The international atmosphere with teachers from all around the world, working together to improve the school. What I felt very happy about when I started as a new teacher was that everyone worked together towards the same vision. We were more unique then, as we only had two schools, now we’ve grown but still work towards the same vision.”

Why do you choose to stay within IES?
“It is a great school to work in and continue to develop in. It’s been different every year with different roles that kept it interesting and I wanted to stay and develop from a teacher into a leader. I started in högstadiet as a Swedish teacher and then moved to the gymnasiet and then the gymnasiet moved to Södermalm where it is today, where my role then continued to develop. It was like a new school every year with continuous changes.” 

What about IES and/or our ethos appeals to you most, personally?
“A safe environment for all. All teachers are involved in making the school a safe place and therefore that leads to us being successful academically and socially.”

What do you think makes IEGS the best option for students today and in the future?
“It has to be the amazing teachers and staff that we have.”