News | 07 February 2024

From shy SVA-student to subject facilitator

Katarina Radosevic is teaching Swedish as a second language at IES Krokslätt and is also the subject facilitator for SVA throughout IES. When Ms Radosevic arrived in Sweden at the age of eight she didn't know a word of Swedish. She learned Swedish through SVA in school, and she is now helping young students with foreign backgrounds to be proficient in Swedish.


Katarina Radosevic believes that she has a great advantage in her role as a SVA teacher in that she herself immigrated to Sweden with her family. She also particularly appreciates IES's way of working with SVA, where she believes that there is a little extra care for the children who need it.

"We work a lot with them one by one, and have close contact with the child and the parents so that we are on the same page about what we are doing and where we are going", she says.

In order for the students to learn Swedish as quickly and efficiently as possible, IES also works hard to introduce reading.

"You can say that we bathe them in the language at the same time as we try to teach them the content of what they read," says Ms Radosevic.

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