News | 11 November 2021

IES offered the chance to buy the home of its first school, IES Enskede

A deal between SISAB and Internationella Engelska Skolan would see the organisation own a historic school building.


IES Enskede

Internationella Engelska Skolan has been asked if it would like to buy Borrsvängen 13. The building is today home to IES Enskede, the first IES school. The building is being sold by The Stockholm School Properties Company (SISAB). IES Enskede has rented the building, at Lingvägen 123, Gubbängen, southern Stockholm, since 1998.

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg, CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said "We are pleased that as long-standing tenants we have now been offered the opportunity to take responsibility for the building which has been home to IES Enskede for more than twenty years. This sale will secure the school's future in the same building for many decades to come."

Following the purchase IES plans to renovate the building. The organisation's vice CEO, Jörgen Stenquist, said: "We are a school that has a very long-term perspective. Owning the building would mean that we could plan a renovation to suit the school. This is a priority for us.”

The building, Borrsvängen 13, was built in the mid-1950s under the auspices of Stockholm's department of schooling (folkskoledirektion). The property has been home to IES Enskede, since 1998. The rental contract was renewed as recently as 2014 and runs until 2029. To be finalised the purchase must be approved by Stockholms Stadshus AB's board and then the City of Stockholm's municipal board. Should the sale go through IES will become the building's owner during the first half of 2022.