News | 17 October 2023

Sweden’s teacher of the year comes from IES Sundsvall

During a glittering Lärargalan ceremony at Cirkus in Stockholm, Peter Fernaeus of IES Sundsvall was announced as 2023’s teacher of the year.


Social Science teacher Peter Fernaeus from Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall was named teacher of the year at this year’s Lärargalan.  Before the ceremony 280 teachers had been told that they had won in their municipality and region.

On the evening of Monday, 16th October ten national prizes were awarded, culminating with teacher of the year, Årets Lärare.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr Fernaeus said: “It feels crazy.  I didn’t understand that I had won in Sundsvall at first, then it was Västra Norrland and Sweden too, it’s completely unbelievable.  I haven’t understood it yet, and I am getting so many comments from people in Sundsvall”

Asked why his students appreciate him as a teacher he said: “I am not scared to try out new things, and I never consider myself ‘complete’ as a teacher, so I try to challenge myself in every area.”

Peter took the opportunity to share a message to all teachers throughout Sweden.  He said: “Keep on doing the fantastic work that you do.  More than ever we need adults who are there for our children.” 

Thirty five students from IES Sundsvall nominated Mr Fernaeus, with motivations including: “He helped me to understand the value of study.  He shows how the world works and how what we learn connects to it.  When we study history he can show how something that happened hundreds of years ago still has an effect today.”

Mr Fernaeus has taught at IES Sundsvall for more than 12 years, he is also a member of the school’s Balder house and, as he is a keen musician, has been known to play music in the school.

He added: ‘“A couple of my colleagues use my records when they teach PE, especially for the younger children, and then they explain that this is music from a teacher here at the school”.

Congratulations Mr Fernaeus, from your colleagues throughout IES.