News | 12 December 2022

"We pushed each other to become better"

We spoke with former IES student Hugo Levinsson about his best memories from his school days at IES Örebro and what he is doing today.


Hugo Levinsson

Hugo Levinsson graduated from ninth grade in 2015. Today he is 22 years old and works as a sports reporter at newspaper Nerikes Allehanda.

What have you been doing since you graduated from IES Örebro?
"I have worked with a little bit of everything; including as a student resource and substitute teacher. I also completed a bachelor's degree from Uppsala University in media communication and journalism. Today I work for the local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda. I started there as a summer intern and today I am a sports reporter. When you work at a local newspaper, you get to do a lot, such as cover matches, write articles, film, take photos and take part in podcasts and TV broadcasts."

Looking back, what do you value most from your time at IES?
"The people! I had teachers who were wonderful with students and I had nice classmates. I felt at home at school. There was a climate where we pushed each other to become better. We did not have a culture of skipping school like I have heard about from other schools, where students seemed to compete at who could get the lowest grades."

What is your best memory from IES?
"The language trip we went on to Barcelona in eighth grade was so much fun! It was fun to travel abroad with classmates and live with a Spanish family. The Spanish language was a challenge, while my friends and I enjoyed our time together."

Do you have any dreams for the future?
"To work with sports journalism. It is important for me to work with something that I enjoy, which is fun, and which I see value in."