News | 02 June 2023

IES students win Vetenskapskampen

We seem to have a lot of rising scientists at IES! This year's winners of “Vetenskapskampen”, with over 4,000 students registered, have been revealed.


Vetenskapskampen is a science competition for years 4-9 in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and technology. Through Vetenskapskampen, the organization Rising Scientists tries to increase the commitment to science and creativity among today's youth.

In this year's competition, the participating students worked in groups where they were tasked with making a scientific poster describing their chosen subject according to their assigned theme. Years 4-6 were given the theme "Nobel laureates" and years 7-9 were given the theme "science in everyday life".

Year 4: “Radiation - Marie Curie” by IES Västerås
Year 5: “Lord Rayleigh” by IES Borås
Year 6: “Tu Youyou” by IES Värmdö
Year 7: “Parachute” by IES Västerås
Year 8: “Endothermic and exothermic reactions” by IES Västerås
Year 9: “Science of space” by IES Västerås

You can see all the posters here:

Great job everyone!💪