News | 18 October 2022

New role at IES: Primary Years Manager

The role Primary Years Manager is brand new at IES, and was created to lead and develop the primary years, as more and more schools expand or reorganize to include the primary years F-3 and fritids. Magdalena Bull, an experienced teacher and leader, is the one who got the job. 


Magdalena Bull

IES’ Head of Education Robin Kirk Johansson said: "In the last few years, IES has opened more schools offering education from F-9, and this is an exciting opportunity for our younger students to learn English in a safe and supportive environment. I am pleased to welcome Ms Bull to our Education Team where she will guide our schools in offering a high-quality education both in the classroom and at fritidshemmet."

Ms Bull has had the chance to wear many different hats during her career. With a background in developmental psychology and educational research, she transitioned into teaching almost 20 years ago. She initially qualified in the UK and then later on also in Sweden. She has since worked with all age groups of the compulsory curriculum as well as in after school clubs / junior clubs. Primary Years education, students with special educational needs and the teaching of languages, mathematics and science holds a special place in her heart. She has held various teaching positions, middle and senior leadership positions in the UK, the US, France and Sweden. Most recently, she worked at IES Järfälla where she was the Academic Coordinator and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

What is the purpose of the role, what do you want to achieve?
“The main purpose of this role is to lead and support the development of IES quality, academics and pastoral development in the primary years as well as company-wide initiatives and projects. The IES primary years umbrella include förskoleklass, years 1-3 and fritidshemmet."

What was your first task?
“My first and most important initial task is to develop forums to connect all staff working across these age groups. There is so much great work going on in the Primary Years out in our schools and I am very excited to be gathering best practice and working together as a Primary Years community."

What are you looking forward to the most in this role?
“I have a strong interest in child development and Primary Years education. I sincerely believe that F-3 and fritidshemmet lay the foundation for lifelong learning and that the work in these early years is absolutely crucial. By getting to know our IES students and their families early, we are able to tailor the support for each child in a more efficient way. This in turn reduces the amount of catch-up in later school years. I feel privileged to be in a position where I can bring my knowledge and experience to support our F-3 schools in providing excellent quality primary years education.”

What do you appreciate about IES?
“I am very passionate about inspiring students to invest time and energy into their own education and well-being. For me, IES and its strong key values provide the perfect setup for our students to do just that. On a personal level, IES allows me to merge my Swedish background with the international side of me that has lived half my life abroad. I knew that I wanted to work at IES already before I returned to Sweden.”