News | 30 June 2021

Young IES entrepreneur wows judges with app

An IES Jönköping student won an entrepreneurship contest with an app to help A-tractor drivers stay safe, now she is hoping to bring it to app stores.


Märit Lundberg graduated from grade nine at IES Jönköping this August. In her spare time she has also been working on a problem that plagues young drivers - GPS apps don’t cater for vehicles they can use, namely A tractors or in some cases the older EPA tractors.

The car-like vehicles can only travel at a limited speed and as such are not allowed on motorways, something that other GPS solutions do not take account of.

In the tradition of entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the ages, Märit recognised that the problem also presents an opportunity. She pitched her idea to the Science Park competition for business development, and won twice over.

Märit said: “I was really very surprised, I didn't know that it could go so well in the competition, so I first won in my municipality and then in the whole län (region).

“I didn't tell my family when I entered the contest, so I think they were pretty surprised that I won the 1,000 SEK gift card, then they were so happy and proud when I won the 10,000 SEK, which can only be used for developing the app.”

Märit’s audience is drivers between 15 and 18, who have an AM license which enables them to drive vehicles including the EPA tractor or A tractor.

She said: “You will be able to put in the maximum speed of the vehicle so the app will calculate how long it will take from A to B, show where the nearest place is to let someone overtake you, and display the safest route.

“I am developing it now and we will see how long it will take. I want it to be available for every phone so I can help as many young drivers as possible.”

While dreaming up the app in her spare time Märit also completed her compulsory education at IES Jönköping.  She said: “I did well in all the national tests and I am very pleased with my grades. I’m going to go to Brinellgymnasiet in Nässjö to study the technical programme (teknik).”

Congratulations to Märit and good luck for the future and your app.