News | 21 March 2024

Systematic efforts against bullying help students feel secure.

A clear framework, visibility and working on the relationships with the students are some of the foundations of the anti-bullying work at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Borås. It has helped Niklas to find security after being a victim of bullying at his previous school.


“We spend a lot of time on building relationships with students - that is the key to anti-bullying efforts”.
At his previous school, a boy we call Niklas was repeatedly bullied and constantly found himself in new conflicts. Niklas was frustrated and felt that he had to stand up for himself as he was insulted and challenged daily, without the teachers helping him. But when Niklas switched to Internationella Engelska Skolan in Borås, the school immediately put a plan in place to break the pattern from his previous school, with recurring check-ins to ensure that he was comfortable and treated well.
“Preparedness and clear structures are significant for the anti-bullying work at IES Borås" said Maria Hammarberg, deputy principal.

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