News | 03 May 2024

“We emphasise the idea of lifelong learning”

Meet Mr. Joseph Hemingway, Academic Manager at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet in Stockholm. Mr Hemingway is originally from Boston in the UK and has been working in different roles at the school since 2002. After 22 years within the organisation, we are curious to know what he appreciates most about IES.


What would you say is unique about IES, both when we started and now?
“When we started, we were an alternative for students that wanted to study in English. And now, of course, IES and IEGS are much more than that. We provide an alternative to the standard school experience. That includes our ethos and the emphasis on a safe and calm learning environment and academic achievement.”

Why do you choose to stay within IES?
“I think the school and the whole organisation is unique in bringing together so many different people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s an exciting and fun place to work, and colleagues go above and beyond for one another and their students. There is a sense of community in all of our schools. And of course, the students themselves - each of them are unique and it is so rewarding to be part of their learning journey.”

What about IES and/or our ethos appeals to you most, personally?
“I would say that the idea that all students should be challenged academically in an appropriate way is most important. I do believe that students should be on the edge of their seats in the classroom. They should be engaged, they should be excited and curious and they should want to learn more.”

What do you think makes IEGS the best option for students today and in the future?
“We emphasise the idea of lifelong learning, that students are given the skills today that they are going to need for the future. Things like grit, perseverance, and intellectual curiosity – which I think is key – and their ability to solve problems. But also to become responsible and caring individuals. That's what it’s all about!”