News | 12 January 2024

Lars Jonsson is the new CEO of IES

Lars Jonsson will begin as the new CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan. He has been CFO in IES since 2020. He will continue to develop IES as the leading independent school organisation in compulsory school in Sweden.


The board of IES has decided to appoint Lars Jonsson as the CEO for Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige AB (IES). Mr Jonsson succeeds Anna Sörelius Nordenborg, who has been CEO of IES since 2019.

“IES is a fantastic organisation where principals, teachers and non-teaching staff do their utmost to offer high-quality education so that all our students can reach their full potential regardless of their background. The passion among our employees is unique and extremely valuable”, says Lars Jonsson.

Lars Jonsson is today CFO and has been part of the leadership group for IES since 2020. Mr Jonsson then came from the position of Head of Financial Control & Treasury at the international cash handling company Loomis AB. He has also worked as an accountant and advisor for corporate transactions at Ernst & Young.

“With Lars Jonsson IES will have a CEO with deep knowledge about the organisation. During his time at IES, Lars has built up a high-quality finance function while at the same time he has built strong relationships within the organisation. As CFO and part of the leadership, he has contributed to the organisation's strategic and operational development, and that makes him an excellent person to continue leading the company, says Per Sjöstrand, chairman of the board of IES. “Lars' experience of leading people in a decentralised business with strong growth is of great benefit to a company like IES”, Mr Sjöstrand adds.

“I am very much looking forward to leading IES in the socially important work that is done every day for and in our schools, together with all the incredibly committed people in the management team, among school leaders and all our staff”, says Lars Jonsson.

“On behalf of the board I would like to thank Anna Sörelius Nordenborg for her contribution during 4.5 years in the role as CEO. Under Anna's leadership, IES has grown from 37 to 46 schools, and from 25,500 to 31,200 students, while the company has been delisted from the stock market and dealt with pandemic and inflation. Anna has driven the organisation's strategic and operational development based on the ethos that forms the basis for all our schools, adds Per Sjöstrand.

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