Preparing for the Stockholm AXA Triathlon

Preparing for the Stockholm AXA Triathlon

Team Gävle: Ready For The Triathlon

As the Stockholm AXA Triathlon approaches, staff and students from Internationella Engelska Skolan are training for the grueling competition.

Internationella Engelska Skolan has been working with Svenska Triathlonförbundet to help develop a youth event.

This year, for the first time principals from each IES school have put forward athletes who are looking forward to taking part

One of the many teams training at the moment for the competition comes from Internationella Engelska Skolan i Gävle. Student Care Coordinator Michael McCarthy has been putting them through their paces as they get ready for the event.

He said: "The thing that stands out for me is how hard all the athletes work to best represent the school."

This year for a mixed team from each Internationella Engelska Skolan school will compete. One student will swim 400 meters in Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen. At the transition station the student will hand over to another student who will cycle 10km in a closed circuit in central Stockholm. The student will then hand over to the third member who will run 2.5 km.

Gävle's student runner Gustav Hagneby is looking forward to the event, he said: "I love to compete, and when I can compete for the program we have here it feels special to me."

His team-mate Mikaela Eriksson will be swimming on the day. She added: "I am excited because this is the first time I have ever done a triathlon. To be able to represent the school makes it even more fun."

As well as sharing the course with competitors from throughout Sweden and further afield, all Internationella Engelska Skolan schools will compete for the rights to hold the Internationella Engelska Skolan Triathlon Challenger Cup for a year.

Not only are all schools sending teams of students but principals have formed a team to participate in the Olympic distance relay competition, which will see competitors swim 1.5km, cycle 40km and run 10km.

The event will be held at Sjöhistoriska museet on Kungliga Djurgården on Sunday, August 21. Afterwards a ceremony will be held to hand the cup over to this year's winning school.

The event will provide a real spectacle.  Students, staff and parents are asked to come out to cheer on those taking part.

Teacher Mentors will help great teachers become even better

Teacher Mentors will help great teachers become even better

Teacher Mentors: Ms Susanne Greés (left) and Ms Lydia Bergström (right)New roles for two experienced Internationella Engelska Skolan teachers will see them provide help, support and knowledge to colleagues throughout the company.

Teacher Mentor positions have been created to develop the quality of teaching and results in mathematics, science and Swedish. The Teacher Mentors will work to help Internationella Engelska Skolan's excellent teachers and managers become even better.

Lydia Bergström, who teaches at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna is taking on the role of Teacher Mentor for Mathematics and Science. She has been a teacher with IES for 11 years, during which she has shown passion for her subjects.

The Teacher Mentor for Swedish will be Susanne Greés, of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Gävle, who has taught for 10 years, eight of which have been with Internationella Engelska Skolan.  She says having the right motivation is the key to success.

The roles will see both mentors involved in Star to Star Teaching, helping teachers develop the quality of teaching in their classroom.  They will also assist with company-wide academic initiatives and work to improve results and academic outcomes, in particular those which relate to National Tests.

Ms Greés will also support Svas teachers and students and assist Internationella Engelska Skolan schools in developing the level of Swedish among staff who have moved to the country.

Both Teacher Mentors will report to Damian Brunker, Head of Academics for the organization.

Mr Brunker said: "The Teacher Mentors, in the true coaching spirit, will be supporting our departments and assisting us in developing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment across Internationella Engelska Skolan. Both will be working for the expanded educational support department here at head office one day per week."

The teacher mentors met all new staff at an event at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Enskede on Friday, 12 August, which gave those joining the company the chance to learn about our ethos, our history and the way in which we work.


Broadening IES Students' Cultural Horizons

Broadening IES Students' Cultural Horizons

Culture: Work to get IES Karlstad's project readyStudents from seven schools had cultural experiences to remember as part of this year's Skapande Skolan project.

Internationella Engelska Skolan was provided with a generous grant to take part in the Kulturrådet event which is designed to increase students' involvement in the arts and broaden their cultural horizons.

Those taking part at Internationella Engelska Skolan schools across Sweden performed musical shows, produced works of art, took part in workshops and attended performances as part of the project.

Peter John Fyles, CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: "Skapande Skolan is a fantastic initiative that IES is proud to be a part of. The project gives Internationella Engelska Skolan students more opportunities to enjoy culture and art. It is a wonderful compliment to the excellent education they receive at our schools.

"This year's projects have been wonderfully creative, and have spanned the width of the art-world.  I know that the students involved enjoyed the experience and I'm already looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year."

Students from Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna produced a musical which was shown in May to other classes at the school as well as at a public performance.

In Internationella Engelska Skolan i Karlstad students worked on ceramics pieces for an exhibition which was shown at Värmlands Museum called "In Collaboration - Ingalena Klenell".  They had the chance to work with Ms Klenell, a renowned artist, throughout the process.

Other Skapande Skolan projects saw Internationella Engelska Skolan i Järfälla work with Folk Operan to stimulate an interest in the artform, including a visit to the opera. Internationella Engelska Skolan i Enskede and Internationella Engelska Skolan i Bromma each worked with Kimberly Akerster on theatrical projects, with students from Bromma performing the musical "On Broadway" at Berns.

Students from Internationella Engelska Skolan i Täby took part in an extremely broad range of arts activities including opera, painting, poetry, theatre workshops, comic strip drawing, media production and fieldtrips.  Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sundsvall also took part in the programme concentrating on ceramics and drama.

Following the success of this year's programme Internationella Engelska Skolan has applied to take part again next year.  We are pleased to have been given a generous donation towards next year's projects planned for 10 Internationella Engelska Skolan schools. Culture and education at Internationella Engelska Skolan are clearly in symbiosis.

Graduation celebrations for students

Graduation celebrations for students

Graduation: The class of 2011 celebrate their time at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna

Ceremonies to honour the talent and hard work of thousands of students across Sweden were held as the school year came to a close.

Year nines at Internationella Engelska Skolan's grundskolar put on their smart blue caps and gowns for graduation events in theatres, parks, aulas and even sports halls throughout the country.

As each graduating student received their diploma with the congratulations of their Principal and teachers, awards were also given out to those who have made the biggest effort, achieved the top grades or shown the most praiseworthy behaviour towards others.

Peter John Fyles, Chief Executive Officer of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: "Graduation events are a source of pride, not only to the children and parents of the top year, but to the whole school community.

"As well as being a chance to bid a fond farewell to our graduating classes, the ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to honour everyone involved for the hard work that has been put in by parents, teachers and students.

"I would like to give each graduating student my best wishes for the future as they move on, well prepared for fresh challenges."

As the year nines' caps were thrown in the air and the summer holidays began, year eight classes at Internationella Engelska Skolan schools can now look forward to taking their place as the top year when the new term starts in August.

Next year it will be their turn to set a good example to younger years and to see if they can achieve even better results than those who have gone before.

Awards for students after essay and science contests

Awards for students after essay and science contests

Congratulations: winners and runners-up with Ms. and Dr. BergströmWinners, proud parents, teachers and principals made their way to the aula at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Täby for this year's Awards Ceremony.

For the fifth year in a row, awards in the form of diploma, honour and money were given to students having written extraordinary essays in the "Dr. Bergstrom Essay Competition", this year on the theme "Why English?"

New for the year was a special Science Award for Internationella Engelska Skolan's junior students, grades 4-6. This award is in the name of Ms. Barbara Bergström, herself with a background as a science teacher.

Ms. Bergström and her fellow jury-members were very impressed by the contributions and declared that this is an award to continue for coming years. Particularly so since Internationella Engelska Skolan is expanding junior schools.

Dr. Hans Bergström, founder and sponsor of the essay award, said: "The competition was started five years ago in order to promote writing and also with the conviction that students in their teens are able to tackle much bigger and more complicated subjects than what is normally given in Swedish schools. This belief has been fully confirmed by the contributions."

Dr. Bergstrom declared: "This year held a very high quality from the students participating."

The audience, on hand to celebrate each winner, heard about their successful essays and science projects as the prizes were awarded. Eskilstuna students contributed with a nice and skilful musical interlude.

Students who took part in the essay competition chose to take on the question in a number of different ways using history, etymology, personal experience, poetry and psychology. With so many disciplines to draw from, each essay presented a unique answer to the question.

Science projects submitted to the junior science award looked at subjects including aerodynamics, textiles, gravity, bird physiology, and even inventions to solve some of life's problems.

As well as hearing from both Ms. and Dr. Bergström, the crowd was also addressed by Mr. Roy Cross, British Council Director for the Nordics and Baltics, who gave his own views on English as a global language and recited poetry by Philip Larkin. Winners received diplomas out of the hand of Mr. Cross.

The jury for the science contest was made up of Ms Bergström, Mr Jan-Olov Johansson, founder of Swedish Science Radio, Mr. Damian Brunker, Head of Academics at IES, and Dr. Rachel Heimeier, a scientist who has worked at a number of prestigious institutions and who is Principal of the new Internationella Engelska Skolan school opening in Uppsala this August.

Dr. Bergström, Mr. Johansson, and Mr. Brunker were the jury for the essay contest.