Språkolympiaden Riksfinal


IES Hässleholm Students make the finals of the Language Olympiad 

"Språkolympiaden Riksfinal" - The International Language Competition, popularly known as the Language Olympiad, is a language and culture competition in modern languages and Swedish for primary and secondary schools.

IES Hässleholm has proven to have the best French group in all of Sweden this year! Liv S. in 8C and Ludwig M. in 9A participated in the competition. Both instructed by their French teacher Ms K. Svanström.

Ludwig and Liv find French fun, partly because it is a beautiful cultural language, and partly because it is useful since it is spoken in many countries. They both expressed. According to Ludwig, "With language, you become part of the culture." .

Neither he nor Liv have had any relationship to French before, only that they have heard the language spoken in movies and music and that is where they have picked up a few words and phrases.

Lastly, IES Lund, Dylan N. 9A won a lesser known category Mother Tongue English and an IES Umeå student won for Mother Tongue Spanish.

Congratulations to All of our IES students and teachers!

All of our IES students are winners!

Vi i femman

All of our students are winners in our book! And with the final days in “Vi i Femman” aproaching with the end of local competitions, we would like to say "Congratulations" to all the IES Schools and students that participated in the local challenges.

An extra mention to our IES students at, Internationella Engelska skolan 5A in Lund, Internationella Engelska skolan 5B in Linköping, Internationella Engelska skolan 5B in Gävle! We are so inspired that you got so far.

And to those IES students remaining, we are cheering for you as you get closer to the national final on May 26 - Good Luck!

Happy Reading IES Students!

Class 4C at IES Krokslätt

Sveriges största lästävling 2022 - Is just around the corner!

Last Autumn our amazing IES students read 7566 books while participating in "Den stora läsutmaningen" - a reading competition in Sweden for all grade four students. The competition was to read as many books as possible during September 15th to December 15th.

We had a total of 31 classes from IES participating in the national competition. The leaders for each month were announced on our Swedish/Sva Connect channel. And one class stood out among all others - Class 4C at IES Krokslätt. In the end, they read all together a total of 669 books!

Their teachers Ms. Ask and Mr. Mahdi couldn't be more proud of their students. They stated that even students that were usually not too keen to read made an effort for class comradely and read short stories. In turn, the students developed a more positive view of reading and now it's easier for the teachers to have the students read. Some of which seldom read, so the competition was a step in the right direction.

Lastly, “Sveriges största lästävling” will begin again with a new reading challenge for 2022 and registration opens in May.

Good luck IES students & teachers!

IES New School Open Houses!

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Twice as nice!

Two well received open houses for the NEW IES Schools starting August 2022.  Great work Principal Hjelm, Principal Katzler and IES Team!  Welcoming over a combined 350 plus inquisitive parents and young children of various ages. Both offered a detailed and structured presentation. Their clear, natural and well formulated introduction of IES was well received by the engaging parents.

Last and certainly not least, a huge Thank You to all the students, parents, family and friends for your enthusiastic participation.

“Believing in yourself is what makes all the difference” - Ayla Hallberg Hossain

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IES Kista Y9 student, Ayla Hallberg Hossain, at the age of 12 set a world record in the high jump. And recently won a bronze medal in long jump, with a jump of 6,40m. This was during her first Senior Swedish indoor Championship.

A few weeks back, Ayla broke the world record in U17 and U20 women’s long jump – TWICE! Being only 15 years old, we couldn't be happier for her.  And with that in mind, we were able to have a Q&A with her about sports, exercise, and life.

Q. What a great achievement to win a bronze medal! Please tell us about the Senior Swedish indoor Championship competition. 
A. It was my first time competing in such a big competition as the Senior Swedish Championship and I was so excited to compete. Later I heard that the competition broke a record for the biggest achievements in a Senior Swedish indoor Championship, which was cool. 

Q. Do you have a role model that you look up to or someone who inspires you? 
A. I do not have a specific role model, just people that I look up to and who inspire me. They are people I watch on TV or read about in magazines that inspire me by the different things they do. 

Q. Do you have any more competitions you are training for?
A. Later in the summer I have the Junior Olympics which are held in Slovakia, the Junior EM, and the European Championship, which is hosted in Jerusalem. It will be the first time I travel abroad for a competition, and I am so excited. Until then I will prepare by continuing training as I am doing now since it is working out well. 

Q. You are an ambassador for a community health initiative called "En frisk generation", tell us about the program?
A. It is an organization run by the Prinsparets Stiftelse with a set goal to encourage the younger generation into movement. It is so important to be physically active in order to stay healthy.

Q. What is your role in the initiative? 
A. My role as an ambassador is to inspire other young people around me to be more active everyday. Together with the Prinsparets Stiftelse we have held events where we have had activities with friends and family. We played different kinds of games and sports to try to get people in our surroundings, and in school, to engage in movement.

Q. Do you see any pros or cons with exercising while studying? 
A. Exercising helps a lot in school to be able to focus better and to remember things better. I see lots of pros, a con could be if you get pressured by athletic competitions, and to that, my message is that it should be easy. Go out with friends and go for a walk or a run together. You do not need to be in a competitive group to be physically active, just have fun with it. 

Q. We wish you the best of luck and are so happy for you winning the bronze medal! Do you have any practical life tips you can share for someone who has high ambitions and goals set on their own while also being a student? 
A. I have two tips, the first is to believe in yourself, because it really does matter if you believe in yourself. Others can also believe in you, but it is you believing in yourself that will make a difference. The second tip is to make up smaller goals along the way towards your big ambition. Smaller goals will make it easier to reach the end goal.  

Here is a recent article about Ayla - Enjoy!