Students at IES Lund win Resterkocken

Students at IES Lund win Resterkocken


Can you make a meal with only what you have in the fridge? Liv and Elle from Internationella Engelska Skolan in Lund looked in their fridge at home and made a delicious meal. In fact, it was so good that they won the competition Resterkocken with their recipie, which was announced today.  

“We are so happy, it’s kind of proof that we can cook, which is a boost of confidence” says Elle.

A family of four people throws away just over one kilo of food every day. To reduce the waste, the annual competition Resterkocken wants to show that it is possible to use what’s left in the fridge and make great food without wastage. Liv and Elle’s vegetarian dish was inspired by the autumn, including artichokes, mushrooms and feta cheese.

”It’s so cool that we won. After we sent in our contribution, we forgot about it a little bit because of schoolwork. So now we are shocked and happy about the great conclusion by the judges. This means that we can do something fun with our class in the summer with the prize money.” says Liv.

The first prize is 10 000 Swedish crowns that the whole class can enjoy.