Clarification of the status of the ownership and management review by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen)

Clarification of the status of the ownership and management review by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen)

In recent days, several media outlets have published articles about the Swedish Schools Inspectorate's ongoing ownership and management review of IES. The articles are based on a number of assumptions and lack certain facts, leading us to publish a clarification.

It goes without saying that we both fully support the pursuit of transparency and believe that only responsible actors should run the country's schools.

Since 2019, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate has had an expanded and important role, to review independent school providers. As a result of the delisting of IES from the stock exchange in the autumn of 2020, the inspectorate are carrying out an ownership and management review in accordance with this new directive. During the past six months, we have continuously answered diverse questions. The school's main owners are not secret and remain the same as they were previously; the investment company Paradigm Capital, which is represented by Jan Hummel, and The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation. They jointly own IES through Peutinger AB, a Swedish limited liability company (aktiebolag). They are active and committed owners who are proud to contribute to strengthening Swedish schools.

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate's analysis does not stop at the main owners of a school. They also evaluate the owners' passive owners and boards, i.e. several steps away from our schools. These passive owners must of course be identified and their influence clarified. What Aftonbladet claims to have revealed is not a comprehensive investigation, but the documentation that IES and the owners have sent to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

It is unfortunate that various register extracts from other countries have taken such a long time but this is due to the pandemic. Foreign authorities have not prioritised inquiries from Swedish authorities during this time, which has created delays.  Also, some of the documentation that Skolinspektionen asks for does not exist in other countries.

We continue to assist the Swedish Schools Inspectorate so that they can complete their review. We have the same goal, i.e. to ensure transparency so that everyone will continue to be secure in the certainty that IES not only runs some of the country's best schools but also has long-term and trustworthy owners.

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