Internationella Engelska Skolan to open a new school in Staffanstorp

Internationella Engelska Skolan to open a new school in Staffanstorp

Internationella Engelska Skolan, IES, has signed a rental agreement with Hemsö for a new school to be constructed in Staffanstorp. The school is scheduled to open at the start of the 2022/23 academic year.

Staffanstorp Municipality is developing a new district, Vikhem, in the south of the Municipality, where there are plans to build new housing as well as a school and preschool. IES Staffanstorp is planned to be a school with two parallel classes for grades F-9 for a total of 600 students. The school will be situated next to sports facilities and a new sports hall will also be built adjacent to the school. Provided all the necessary permits are obtained, the queue for IES Staffanstorp will open on 1 February 2021.

Anna Sörelius Nordenborg, CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, comments: "We look forward to working together with Staffanstorp Municipality and Hemsö to develop both the school and the area. Thanks to the freedom to choose a school in Sweden, we know that our schools are already popular among Staffanstorp residents so it is particularly gratifying that we can open a new school in the Municipality. We are proud of the trust placed in us and we look forward to contributing to the Municipality's education initiative with an international school of high quality."

"I know that Internationella Engelska Skolan shares many of the same values as Staffanstorp Municipality - an orderly environment, results and the high value of a quality education. IES will also provide the residents of our municipality with an additional option when it comes to choosing a school. That is why I am pleased to welcome IES as a partner of the Municipality for the future of our children," says Christian Sonesson, Chair of the Municipal Board (Moderate Party), Staffanstorp Municipality.

The contract is conditional on being granted a building permit. Permission from the Swedish Schools Inspectorate has already been obtained.