Early grading will help students

Early grading will help students

Internationella Engelska Skolan welcomes the Swedish parliament’s decision today to allow children from year four onwards to receive grades.

Four IES schools, in Eskilstuna, Karlstad, Landskrona and Täby, were part of a pilot project to examine what earlier grading would mean for younger children.

AnnaKarin Johansson Sandman, head of academics at IES, said: “Feedback from the trial is clear, setting grades for children from a younger age is beneficial to the learning and support process.  Successful education means students, teachers and guardians working towards the same goal. Grades are a useful tool which provide a clear and evidence-based assessment of each child’s development - they highlight where that student is excelling, and where extra attention will help.

“We know that students also feel more confident and secure when adults can give them a clear answer about their progress and the way forward. Teachers have told us that grades from year four are useful, so long as the grading criteria are clear, as an earlier indication of students’ abilities and needs helps everyone.

“The pilot scheme in our schools was very positive and we are pleased that we will be able to use this experience to benefit children at other IES schools, we will support any of our principals when they bring in grading from year four.”